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tv   [untitled]    September 4, 2013 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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able to do that. i couldn't find a port a potty on the sidewalk. i also said she had a situation arise which she handled quite well. there were a couple of nudity people who engaged in public activity. she told them they're not allowed and they got irate. well, she's by herself. likely someone from so-called security. came and excelled those guys from the fair and their band for life. as things turned out i saw loose o lots of folks.
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everyone was very well-behaved. i want to thank you. that was the right number of officers and if those jerks filed a complaint against sergeant frazer you've got my accomodation. when i went to the gay pride fair. not having barriers around where people were dancing was good. and i think about a propriety for tenants who are harassed by folks. i'm having to find another place to live. i'd do it again >> thank you. any further public comment?
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>> good afternoon, commissioners. i'm betty actually man a retired san francisco school district teacher. i a hate to put a damper on anyone but i have to say this. i moved into a new apartment building 701 golden gate avenue. on franklin and golden gate. since i've been there since march 1st i've been raped in my sleep over 20 times. i've acquired henry he's viruses i've been stalked and
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trespassers have come into my place. i've been hit with some type of concealed weapon. i've been stalked by cabs and trucks and cars. they honk horns and some of them walk faster or try to hit me. everywhere i go noise abounds and people have high conversations. i have people turn their backs on me in unity. they stare at me and start reading books and emit some kind of substance from their body that tries to hurt me. i've been cyclely represented in my that apartment building. it seems like nobody wants to
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deal with that. i've called the police several times and that's been down. i've had to go to occ. now i do nothing but try to live my life. i found out i'm a target. however, this target is not going away. i'm devanilla protected by god and he's the one that says whatever's going to happen if he wants me to go away or die. i need help. i've written countless letters to countless organizations and they do little you things. oh, you need a microwaive oh, i see this - i need the people to
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stop coming in and raping me. i found out they're trying to kill me as i sleep while i'm in the remedying period. but i need help. i need help >> thank you, ms. tillman. >> any other public comment? >> all right. seeing e seeing none, public comment is closed. >> listen item 3 a the chiefs discussion updating the police commission recognize. >> grand jury before i go into our right activities i want to speak about a circumstance that occurred 7 years ago. last week we heard ms. paula
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brown more times then i can count. i see her at the hall of justice and i don't want the public to think that the department has been less than cooperative. we had a homicide 7 years ago so i've invited our investigation buyer to give you a brief update and to make again, a very public plea for any information that would move this case along. >> good evening inspector. >> good evening. my name is is hector i'm the commander of chief investigations.
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i'm here to talk about the update. as the which kind of mentioned 7 years ago today a 17 people was shot in the intersection of barkers street >> can we just stop you and acknowledge his mom ms. brown just joined us. >> some witnesses were at the scene and provided the officers with a partial description pr there were a bunch of people at the scene. he was trapped to the hospital where he died. the investigators were the first assigned. they met with ms. brown and interviewed approximately 21 witnesses within a few days. the witness we spoke with counsel identify the suspects.
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the two investigators canvassed the neighborhood and ms. brown organized vigils and marks to try to keep this in the public's eye' d for additional witnesses. the ballistics were identified and all were met with negative results. investigator mahoney will continue to work with the narcotics officers and other investigator units. investigators obtained a reward for information. they kept ms. brown updated and provided her with avoidance. paulette brown has met with the city leaders and chief of police and leaders as well myself and other members of the police department to keep the case
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moving forward. ms. brown understands that this may be difficult. she has maintained the case in the public eye. several broadcasts have been remembering the public of the reward and no tips. ms. brown came forward and presented a list even if names. she requested updates on the case and we provided those updates. we met with her and inspector jones has continued to meet with her and i have met with her in the past. we tried to do the best we can to follow-up and she understandss we're trying to do the best we can.
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investigator john miller has the case she met with him today. we did another announcement to put the case in the medias eye in an effort to get witnesses to come forward. we continue to follow up on this case. the homicide cases have no statute of limitations. we also follow-up on those cases and try to develop leads wherever we here with the suspects were arrested we try to get more information. when witnesses we're aware of we're willing to ask them if they're willing to coordinate with the investigation. my make myself available and many if you, too to keep this case in the publics eye to try
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to develop information. i'll take any questions >> i'll only add to that as the commander said ms. brown knows who's responsible for her sons homicide. we need to have the testimony necessary to make the case. obviously there's no one more frustrated than the mother. we feel it, it's genuine and we'd love to move this case forward but absent some sort of objective evidence or witness testimony we're unable to do that at this time. regardless of whether or not we know the suspects that ms. paulette brown speaks you have are responsible. i might say additionally that it's this is no a unique case.
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we've met with other families just this week to try to explain as hector states there is no stamgss. those cases are never closed and there's advances in those cases all the time. it's frustrating for us after seven years in this case. >> commissioner. >> command can i provided the public with the tipline for this week. i can there's one on the crime bullet and talk about the information that could be useful. so can you give some examples of what information can be useful >> the tipline number phone is
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575-4444. any type of information we can follow-up on. we've identified some suspects but if there's additional witnesses or they believe we haven't interviewed if you provided us with that information we'll interview them and see if they're willing to coordinate with us. such a firearm or some of the clothing worn by the suspects. the day of the homicide and tips - >> i know there's the $250,000 reward and the services for relocation and if someone is front yard to come forward. >> yes. the mayor's office has authored a reward. we met with ms. brown and we post the rewards and again,
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that's another thing to let the public know there's a reward in thooig e thoois pr if they feel threatened they can be placed in a relocation program if they feel threatened >> thank you, very much. >> very chief. >> sure - >> next. >> i'm sorry. last week there were names displayed on the board i'm confused i miss the connect or the disconnect between the names of the people who are suspects or the status of the case with regards to the specifically named people >> persons of interest?
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>> yes. so maybe - that's okay forgot it are i just disconnected why i'm insure there being a investigated >> they've been exhaustedly investigated some have gotten out over the seven years out of jail. >> thank you, commissioners. again, it's been a busy week. there was some mention about some staibz we had on friday night in particular. there were 4 people stabbed on friday night. 3 in one incident in the mission at folsom and 22nd street. the suspects got into an argument with a group that
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resulted in two folks being stabbed and a third accused him of a bike theft. both suspects are in custody and there being a charged with a violation and all the injuries of the folks stabbed were non-threatening. shortly after that 10:00 p.m. there was a stabbing at the golden gate and a hide. again, the injuries were non-threatening the victim was uncooperative. and we had the festival about 95 thousand folks were there over the weekend. we made a few arrests. the most serious was for there was a cell phone robbery, there was one possession for sale of narcotics, there was one
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aggravated assault and an unlawful skull encounter and that suspect is also in custody. a big sheriff deputy it out u it out to rock medicaid that treated about a hundred folks everyday but and all 1 hundred and 95 thousand people a very positive evident. there was a narcotics arrest on 29th and mission. the officers seized 90 keeping you informed lows of powder and that was a moisten and a half dollars and we believe this is accident largest xcy series in the san francisco police department. and to close my report and lead
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into our next presentation >> who were the investigators? who did that? >> it was uniform pollow officers responded to an injured person bleeding. the person ended up being one of the suspects and he he was a bit disoriented and from there there was some question as to whether or not there was someone else in the home. he said there was known in the home and the noise came from inside the house. the door was open and the duffle bags were on the ground the officers got a search warrant and it's being offered to the district attorney's office. so as we close out the summer we
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closed anti our garden project. we had last year a hundred and 15 and this year there were 2 hundred and 15 will graduate and the police department pandered in or directly had 2 hundred and 77 employed from that risk neighborhood. we were at the backpack give away as well as celebrating and we're going to give the captain a shout out. we invite did kids from the j mc a. it's been a great coming together. this week is the mayors backpack give away about 11:00 a.m.
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and the demagic backpack give away i believe is on saturday at young blood kohlman on the 42nd bloke. we bought back about 1 hundred and 56 incense. one-hundred and 52 handguns and as a result rifles. i'll bring up the captain who will give you an update on the recommendations. and we'll hear from the youth directors themselves. >> good evening captain. >> good evening director hicks and members of the department and public and i'm captain of the training division.
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this evening i'll provided you with the update. we have the proprietor for sergeant's and police officers which addressed the taufbz unique to young. we have scenarios of real life police and emphasize effective communication. is presenter will provide a trainer to trainer course on wednesday august 13th. this is only a part of the overall training. we have 12 slots we'll be picking 12 folks to bring back to the department. in addition to providing the training for officers as the chief mentioned. the department is heavy invested in our cities youth.
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we have many programs in place. we have been providing support for you youth were. we had 2 hundred and 32 jobs for over one-hundred youth learned garden and provided cpr at the academy. we had the department roll out the certify program for the first time officers are visiting games and over and over certifies. we visit on four occasions either the boys and girls clubs or the ymca. although this is part avenue their training they volunteer their time.
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we invite the youth on a saturday phone number for a jam for lunch. we participated in backpack give waterways we're giving away backpacks in the western this coming saturday. we have a strong partnership with the schools and constant subtraction with our dedicated officers in the engage unit. we've been able to stay connected with our youth. and last for the first time the department rolled out the radio program along with the training video. this code has been established to encourage all work groups to
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spend time with helping kids with homework or just baker. >>. the second recommendations is to insure widespread destruction. we have it in russian and japanese and other language. i have the pamphlets conspiracies. the pamphlets have been described to the juvenile justice center and other advocacy locations. the pamphlet is on the website and is accessible to the public. the pamphlets have been described by every academy
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class. and this is to establish the ufrtsdz school district and the department. it started with the captain o laser a directive was distributed on july 1st in the form of a department bulletin which outlines arrests on school sites. currently we're working with kevin from the school district to construct an mo u. it's needing to be final listed. its important to have this completed and the department members trained and in place. this concludes my presentation and i'm prepared for questions >> are there any questions commissioners? >> i i know that mr., true it
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is here. >> we're working on the m l u. >> thank you. and a did i put you on the spot? >> good evening chief, sir and members of the commission. i'm the superintendent of the department with the school district. i actually enhance with deputy chief in march 2011. since there then there's a timeline that they have for distribution. i've worked with the staff who this lady comes with a great history with working with this program. i want though mention that the nature of the mo u we had in place was for a grant we had at
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that time for the community police in schools. the expiration of that grant expired because we had to have an m l u so the mo u was for the extend of that grant which we no longer have. we're establishing a new mo u and again, you have a timeline of the interactions. i want to say to the kohlman advocates specifically public council has had numerous meetings and so has our council and it's been going back and forth by again lieutenant just received it. she's comes to us with a lot of
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history. she's taking her child to college or she'd be here. we're meeting with the commission to get her latest feedback. so that's where i'm at with that. thank you >> so, now if we could get the i did not get commission. >> while the youth commission is coming i believe you have a question? >> i think that commissioner marshall is suggesting we hear from the youth commission first i'll hold my question. thank you >> hello everyone i'm the chairwoman of the youth commission. thank you all police commission for having us here. and also i want to thank the
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community members here i know that there are folks from the center and director hicks of the organization cc and also thank you to captain for the author update on the strategies that the san francisco pd is. so just to give you agreeing a little bit of background. it's a voter mandated body that advise the bodies on the needs of san francisco. and since then we've had a focus on juveniles issues including juvenile and police issues. one of our collaborations is the citizen complaints have been to the police code which is not
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considered a model among the codes. and just to supervise the recommendations to the public in march 2012 the police commission held the first youth meeting that addressed the relations p we heard from over 70 youth. they speak to the police effort and we heard from elementary schools kids who loved meeting with the police officers and also where the areas could be improved. and there were 3 recommendations which were present at the april 4th. and at that time the chief expressed his commitments following the recommendation. so this year we've continued to work with the


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